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Dankoff Solar Water Pumps for your Homestead or Ranch

Are you looking for the best solar-powered surface pump? The Dankoff line of Solar Water Pumps is it. This proven design has been in production for 30 years, and thousands are service on ranches, homesteads, and remote off grid locations. These American-made pumps feature durable brush-type motors which are not only efficient, but are clearly larger and more rugged than the competition. The pump heads are a simple, low maintenance, rotary vane design. Pump motors come in either 1/5 HP for economy, or 1/2 HP for lots of pumping power. Pump heads are available for pumping up to 550 feet or as much as 1600 gallons per day.

Choose a Dankoff SlowPump for pumping into an open tank, or a Dankoff Flowlight Booster Pump for pumping into a pressure tank.

Dankoff Solar Water Pump FAQ

Dankoff Solar SlowPump for pumping into open tanks

Dankoff Solar SlowPump Model Chooser

Dankoff Solar SlowPump Layout Diagram

Dankoff Flowlight Solar Booster Pump for pressure tanks

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