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High Lifter Gravity Water Pump for your Off Grid Water System

The High Lifter Gravity Water Pump will give you up to 1500 gallons per day in your water tank while using no fuel or electricity. 

That's why it's ideal for preppers, homesteaders in the hills, and folks who like off grid living.

If you are homesteading and are looking for a pump for your off grid water system, here's why you should take a look at the High Lifter:

  • Clean, Green, ideal for sustainability
  • Made from simple materials, safe for drinking water
  • Low tech
  • No fire danger

And for preppers looking for a water pump for your bug out location up the mountains, here's what the High Lifter will do for you:

  • Easy to install, easy to understand, easy to repair with simple hand tools
  • Never needs fuel or electricity, will pump water uphill without power, cloudy days won't stop it
  • Easily removed for storage
  • Low maintenance, pumps 24/7 with little attention, just clean the filter occasionally

You won't need large diameter pipe, or a fuel tank, or solar panels:

  • Just install the High Lifter below your spring, creek, or pond. See Installation Details
  • Run a ¾” black polyethylene pipe down from your water source
  • Lay a ½” pvc pipe from the tank you want to fill.

High Lifter Pump Output:

  • The High Lifter Model 4.5:1 will give you up to 1500 gallons per day if your tank is 300 feet above your water source, maximum Total Lift 550 feet. 
  • The High Lifter Model 9:1 will give you up to 750 gallons per day at a 600 foot lift, maximum Total Lift over 1,000 feet!

See the Output Chart for details.

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