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High Lifter Water Pump 9:1 Complete

10.00 LBS
$32.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

High Lifters cannot be ordered at this time due to parts shortages. If you'd like to be put on a waiting list, call 707-923-2109 or email info@humboldtsolarwaterpump.com


The High Lifter Water Pump 9:1 Complete will give you up to 750 gallons per day in your water tank while using no fuel or electricity. 

Homesteaders and ranchers who are looking for a pump for their off grid water system that will pump water uphill without power will appreciate the High Lifter’s simplicity and ease of installation. If you live in the hills and you are a prepper or you are into off grid living, here's what the High Lifter will do for you:

  • Your drinking water is safe in the High Lifter's simple materials
  • No fire danger, never needs fuel
  • Very quiet compared to a gas-powered pump
  • Easy to repair with simple hand tools
  • Pumps 24/7, will pump water uphill without power or electricity, cloudy days won't stop it
  • Low maintenance, just clean the filter occasionally
  • Clean, green, and eco-friendly

 Installation is easy:

  • Just install the High Lifter below your spring, creek, or pond.  
  • Run water to it in a ¾” black poly pipe
  • Lay out a ½” pipe to the tank you want to fill.

See the Installation Instructions for details.

The High Lifter Model 9:1 will give you up to 750 gallons per day if your tank is 600 feet above your water source, maximum lift is 900 feet. For details, see the Output Chart below. It will pump twice as high as the 4.5:1 model but will only give half as much water. For lifts less than than 450 feet, the High Lifter Model 4.5:1 is usually a better choice.
The High Lifter Water Pump 9:1 Complete comes complete with pump, input hose, filter, output gauge, and owners manual.

Whether you are looking for green, eco-friendly pump for off grid living, or you are a prepper looking for an easy-to-transport pump for your bug out location, the High Lifter will fit the bill. Click on the links below to find out more.

High Lifter Water Pump Two Page Handout

High Lifter Water Pump FAQ

High Lifter Water Pump Diagram with Pipe Layout

Physics of the High Lifter Water Pump

High Lifter Water Pump Owner's Manual

How to Run Multiple High Lifters for Double, Triple or Quadruple the Output!



Contact Thad at 707-923-2109 or email info@humboldtsolarwaterpump.com for details

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty on defective parts. Does not include unusual wear and tear due to grit in the water. For best grit removal , please use a Settling Tank for your intake water.

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