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How the High Lifter Water Pump can save you time and money

The High Lifter Gravity Water Pump will put 200 to 1500 gallons per day in your tank using no fuel or electricity

  • The High Lifter Water Pump can pump water without electricity.
  • It is a "no power water pump" which multiplies the water pressure from the source.
  • Pumps from springs, streams, or ponds to your cabin, stock tank, or garden.
  • Water pressure powers pistons which do the pumping.
  • Pumps from 100 to 1,000 feet high depending on your water source.
  • Pumps 24/7 with minimal maintenance.
  • Clean and Green: safe for drinking water.
  • No fire hazard or fuel mess.
  • Simple to operate and repair.

    The High Lifter Water Pump is a powerful water pump designed to move water uphill without using gasoline or electricity, using only water pressure as the energy source. A set of large and small pistons multiplies the water pressure according to the principle known as the “Hydraulic Lever”.

    The High Lifter Water Pump is an efficient and economical way to handle many water pumping requirements. It can supply water for domestic use, gardens, irrigation, range cattle, etc. Ideally suited for hill and mountain terrain, it is light weight, quiet, easy to install and capable of extreme lifts with low inlet flows. Designed to be installed and maintained by the user (with basic household tools), the High Lifter requires little attention for years of hardworking service.

    All that is required is a source of water such as a spring, creek, or pond, which can gravity feed to the pump through a pipe. The pump itself can be placed in any convenient spot: on the ground or in a shed, etc., as long as it’s at a lower elevation than the water source. There are two pipes needed: one between the water source and the pump, and another between the pump and the high tank.  The High Lifter will restart itself automatically after any interruption of inlet water.    

    The lower the pump is placed, the more pressure is developed from the source, and the higher it pumps, with a pressure multiplication of up to 4.5:1 or 9:1 depending on the model. For every gallon pumped uphill, the High Lifter uses 4.5 or 9 gallons as an energy source. This means that for every 100 gallons pumped uphill, the source must provide 450 or 900 gallons.

    There is no lubrication needed. The only maintenance would be cleaning the water filter occasionally. After 4 or 5 years depending on how clean the water is, the unit will need piston replacement.

High Lifter Item # 10-1008 10-1009
Volumetric Ratio 4.5:1 9:1
Maximum Output Per Day 1500 gallons 750 gallons
Maximum Net Lift 450 feet 900 feet
Maximum Inlet Pressure 60 psi 60 psi
Minimum Inlet Pressure 13 psi 13 psi




Buy High Lifter Water Pump 4.5:1 Complete 

Buy High Lifter Water Pump 9:1 Complete


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