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How to Check for Freeze Damage in the High Lifter Water Pump

If the freeze is very severe, the Head itself may crack between the top plugs. Then the High Lifter will spray water out of the cracks when operating. That means the Head needs to be replaced.

If a High Lifter freezes solid, ice expansion pops the Head out of Barrel. Usually this doesn’t damage the Head unless the freeze is very severe.

The End Nut Washer and End Nut will usually become loose and can’t be re-tightened properly because threads inside the High Lifter have stripped.  freeze-damage-2.jpg
Notice how the threads of the Central Tube have slightly pulled out of the High Pressure Piston. That’s because the High Pressure Piston threads are stripped. That’s why the End Nut can’t be re-tightened properly. The High Pressure Piston must be replaced. This is the most common type of damage that occurs in a freeze.  freeze-damage-3.jpg