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How to Check the High Lifter Water Pump Head for Problems

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1) Fitting leaks can reduce the amount of water pumped. Replace the teflon tape or install new fittings.

2) A crack in the clear plastic between the fittings will cause a serious leak. Sometimes it can be sealed with Crazy Glue, but usually the Head has to be replaced.

3) Vibration noise (not squeaks) can often be fixed by putting a second Check Valve Ball 10-1343 here. Make sure the two balls can move freely.

4) Leaks here can also reduce the amount of water pumped. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THIS NUT to try to fix the leak. Instead carefully clean the surface between the Washer and the Head. Even a hair can cause a leak. Or replace the End Nut Washer, 10-1375, if it has deteriorated.

5) Internal leaks causing pressure loss can occur because the Check Valve Ball does not seat tightly against the Check Valve O-Ring. The Outlet Gauge will show a lower pressure on one pump stroke than on the next.  Clean the Check Valve or replace the Check Valve O-Rings.

6) Leaks around the Slotted Plugs cause pressure loss. Replace the teflon tape or install a new Slotted Plug 1/4”, 10-1387


7 & 8) Leaks on the inner side of the Head will not reduce the amount of water pumped, but they make the pump less efficient. These leaks are caused by bad Comm Tube O-Rings (7) or Head O-Rings (8).  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE END NUT to try to fix leaks here.

9) Algae buildup in the channels of the Head looks bad but is not usually a problem unless it is so thick that it causes leaks in the Check Valves.




10-1310 O-Ring Assortment 4.5:1




10-1312 O-Ring Assortment 9:1


to get the o-rings discussed on this page.