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How to Inspect the Metal Parts for Wear

Check the Central Tubes for scratches that run along the length of the tube. Wear is generally worst near the High Pressure Piston. To get maximum life out of the Low Pressure Pistons (two large pistons) in the Rebuild Kit, replace the Central Tubes if there are any visible scratches. Any scratches on the tube will scratch the Low Pressure Piston as it rides back and forth on the Central Tube. The more scratches on the Central tube, the shorter the lifespan of the Low Pressure Piston. Scratches will also cause leaks of high pressure water, meaning some loss of output. worn-central-tube-dscn3382-for-web-page.jpg
Check the High Pressure Cylinder for scratches inside it. Scratches on the HPC can cause premature wear on the High Pressure Piston, the small piston in the Rebuild Kit. Scratches will also cause some loss of output.
Water from creeks and springs contains sand and grit which can cause premature wear of the metal parts. You can prevent wear on the metal parts by installing a settling tank at the water source. The better the grit is settled out of the water, the longer the parts will last. See “How to Clean the Filter and Use a Settling Tank”.
Surprisingly enough, a few scratches on the inside of the Barrel aren’t a big deal.. That’s because only low pressure water touches that surface. The Low Pressure Pistons will not be seriously damaged by a few scratches on the Barrel. If there are a lot of heavy scratches it should be replaced. But also check for deep  wear rings in the center of the Barrel where the Collar rides. If they get too deep, the Collar will not work properly, the pump may get stuck, and the weep holes in the bottom of the Barrel may start spraying instead of dripping.  barrel-worn-dscn3365-for-web-page.jpg