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How to Install the High Lifter Outlet and Crossover Tubes

Click here to view, print, or download How to Install the Outlet and Crossover Tubes v2.pdf

This procedure applies to pre-2013 High Lifters. Newer High Lifters come with Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hoses which are more durable. Ask about the upgrade.

Look at the old Tee Fitting. If it has been cut at bottom of the threads, then use small side cutters to cut the new one to match. This is important so it doesn’t impede the action of the Check Valve Ball. If the old fitting seems to be in good shape, it doesn’t have to be removed and replaced. cutting-fitting-for-web-page.jpg
Make sure the White Insert Fitting is in the end of the Outlet Tube. If it is missing, the tube will pop out of the fitting under high pressure.  insert-fitting-for-web-page.jpg

1) Don't use Teflon Tape here. Tape is not necessary here because the sealing surface is inside the Tee Fitting.

2) Use Teflon Tape on these threads.

3) When screwing the Tee Fitting into the Head, don’t screw it in so far that the Check Valve Ball can’t move. This can be a problem on older pumps that use a smaller Head. Use the same procedure for the Straight Fitting at the other end of the Outlet Tube, except it never needs to be cut.

4) Push the tube as deep as it will go into the Tee Fitting.

Tighten the Gland Nut using two pliers, which reduces the chance of breaking the fitting. Use some silicone grease on the threads.  pliers-on-fittings-for-web-page.jpg