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How to Install the Low Pressure Pistons and Collar

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  1. Make an installation tool from aluminum roof flashing, which can be obtained at hardware stores. Cut out a piece measuring 5” x 7.5”. Trim the corners and sand down sharp edges. Form it into a round shape.
  2. Insert the Installation Tool into the Barrel.
  3. Insert the High Pressure Cylinder Assembly into the Barrel. Then slide the lip of the first Low Pressure Piston into the Installation Tool. Push on the Assembly to make it slide into the Barrel.



  1. Slide the lower edge of the Collar into the Installation Tool.
  2. Push on the Collar with a rod such as the Comm Tube. This is how the upper lip of the Collar goes into the Barrel. Otherwise the upper lip would catch on the edge of the Barrel.
  3. The second Low Pressure Piston can be slid into the Barrel without using the Installation Tool because its lip is oriented away from the Barrel.