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How to Rejuvenate the Pistons and Collar and Reduce Squeaks

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The Collar and Low Pressure Pistons wear along their sealing edges. Gradually the lips will get thinner. As they wear, they don’t seal as well, which allows water to squeeze past the lips. As the water passes, it causes the collar or piston to squeak.

You can get more life out of these parts and make the pump quieter if you “expand” the lips with a screwdriver in the lip groove.  This involves gently prying out the lips all around as you rotate the Collar or Piston. Make sure the lips are expanded evenly all around or the lips wont seal properly.

You can also use this technique on High Pressure Pistons but the lip is much more delicate so be careful. This can also be useful for brand new Collars and Pistons if they squeak

You can also get more life out of a Low Pressure Piston if you squeeze down the inner lip. Use a small pliers or needle nose, and gently squeeze down all around, rotating the piston slightly with every squeeze.

If the sealing surfaces aren’t too worn out, this procedure can often give you another season of use before a rebuild is needed.
collar-lip-expanc.png piston-outer-lip-expand.png piston-inner-lip-squeeze.png
Using a screwdriver to gently pry out the lip of a Collar. Do this all the way around the Collar, on both lips. Using a screwdriver to gently pry out the lip of a Low Pressure Piston Using small pliers to gently compress the inner lip of a Low Pressure Piston. Be careful not to go too far with this or you will deform the hole.