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How to Set Up a Stream Intake for your High Lifter Water Pump

The best way to draw water from a stream is to build a U-shaped “channeled” water catchment. This is just a wooden trough that has a screen that the water can drain into. Underneath the screen is a pipe. A ¾ “ black poly pipe would work fine. The screen keeps sticks, etc from getting in the intake pipe, and any larger objects that clog up the trough will eventually get pushed out the end of the trough by the force of the water. The screen should be stiff, durable material. Window screen will wear out quickly. Anchor the corners of the trough with rebar pounded into the streambed. Large stones mortared with concrete make a good small dam, or you can build one with wood, supported with rebar. Very important - use a settling tank for all stream catchments, there’s always a lot of grit in stream water, that will help give long life to your Water Pump Without Electricity.