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Important - Filter Cleaning - Settling Tank

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Gravity pumps water in the High Lifter Water Pump System. It is the water pump without electricity. The energy comes from your spring, creek, or pond, which must be located above the pump. But in order to prolong the life of your pump, the input water must be as clean as possible. There are two ways to clean the input water.

  • Install a 120 micron filter (included with the High Lifter) and follow the correct cleaning procedure. The best place to put the filter is close to the pump. Don't install that filter near the source, because there isn't much water pressure there, so any little clog in the filter will cause problems. But it's OK to install a coarse filter to keep out leaves and bugs, etc.
  • Install a Settling Tank near your water source to settle out sand before it even reaches the filter. This is especially important if you are drawing water from a stream, as stream water tends to have a lot of sand in it.
How to Clean the Filter the Right Way  
  1. Turn off the water supply to the High Lifter.
  2. Disconnect the white Inlet Hose from the High Lifter.
  3. Remove the Filter Cartridge from the Filter Assembly.
  4. Clean the Filter Cartridge by swishing it around in a bucket of water or using a hose to squirt water through the discs. If there is algae in the water, you may occasionally need to take the Filter Cartridge apart and clean the individual discs using a toothbrush.
  5. Put the cleaned Filter Cartridge back in the filter body.
  6. IMPORTANT: After you have put the filter back into the filter housing, turn on the water and flush water through the Filter Housing and out the hose onto the ground. This removes any remaining dirt in the filter housing. IF YOU DON’T DO THIS, THE NEXT TIME YOU RUN THE PUMP, DIRT GETS FLUSHED RIGHT INTO THE PUMP, CAUSING PREMATURE WEAR.
  7. Turn off the water.
  8. Put the Inlet Hose back on the High Lifter.
  9. The High Lifter is ready to use. This filter flushing procedure flushes any particles out of the filter which may have remained after the filter cleaning process.
Why You Should Install a Settling Tank for Your High Lifter  
A settling tank can help cut down on repair costs due to sand getting in the pump. This is particularly important if you are drawing water from a creek. Even if the creek  water looks clear, it will generally has a lot of small abrasive particles in it. The principles of a successful settling tank are:
  1. The tank is located just below the water source. This preserves maximum pressure to the pump.
  2. If the water is flowing too fast through the tank, the water will remain agitated and the sand will not settle out. Restrict the flow into the tank, to only a little more water than the High Lifter uses.
  3. The tank must not be too small. If the tank is too small, the water will remain agitated and the sand will not settle out. The larger the tank, the better the settling action.
  4. Water coming into the tank should enter the tank about a foot or two below the water surface.
  5. Water going out of the tank should come from near the water surface.

A 300 gallon tank works great, but even a 55 gallon drum is better than nothing. Sand getting into the pump can wear it out in a year.

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