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Seaflo Pump Review - vs. Shurflo 9300 Solar Water Pump


This is a review of the Seaflo Solar Pump based on my own personal experience. I bought a couple of these to sell. Last summer I sold one to a customer and he installed it in his well at about 100 feet below ground level. The Seaflo pump was about 20 feet under water. It was powered by two 90 watt 12 volt solar panels wired in series for 24 volts. After 3 months we pulled it up to fix a cable problem. I pulled it apart because I was curious to check it out. Here's what we saw:
dscn2723.jpg dscn2724.jpg
Water got into the motor compartment Water on the motor case
dscn2725.jpg dscn2727.jpg
Moisture in brush area. Brushes looked OK but would have become damaged eventually by exposure to moisture.
The most serious problem I want to talk about in this Seaflo Pump review is burned insulation on armature windings, indicating serious overheating. I've seen the inside of many Shurflo pumps, the US pump that Seaflo copied, and Shurlfo pumps never have this problem. This pump was run on two 12v solar panels. Seaflo is advertised as a 24volt pump.
dscn2730.jpg  dscn2738.jpg
Another view of overheated windings. Also even before I opened the motor, I could smell the burned windings as soon as I opened the pump case. Apparently the overtemp switch didn't kick in. But it shouldn't have needed to kick in, because well-designed armature windings should not overheat in normal service for which the pump is advertised.
dscn2731.jpg dscn2732.jpg
At least the Diaphragm was in good shape. No cracks visible which could cause leaks into the motor compartment. Probably the leaks occurred past some o-rings. And the Valve Assembly was OK. These parts are very similar to the Shurflo parts but are not quite interchangeable.
dscn2733.jpg dscn2734.jpg
The Lower Motor Bearing was OK. But eventually the moisture in the motor would have damaged it. And the Upper Motor Bearing was OK. Seaflo uses the same size bearings as Shurflo.
Seaflo Pumps have a bright shiny armature when new.
You can see that motors for the Shurflo 9300 are about 1/3 larger than motors for Seaflo pumps. The Seaflo motor has to work harder to do the same thing. Also notice that the Shurflo armature windings are in bright condition despite this being from a used pump.
 measuring-the-seaflo-drive-cam-dscn2739.jpg seaflo-drive-cam-is-marked-8-degrees-dscn2741.jpg
Measuring the Seaflo Pump Drive Cam The Seaflo Pump Drive Cam is marked "8". This agrees with the measurement. It is an 8 degree cam.
shurflo-drive-cam-is-marked-3-degrees-dscn2740.jpg Seaflo Pump Review conclusion: My opinion is that Seaflo Pumps are OK for use pumping out bilge in boats at 12 volts but are not suited for solar well pump duty at 24 volts. Motors for Seaflo Pumps are smaller than motors for the Shurflo 9300 solar water pump, and the Drive Cam has a steeper angle than the Shurflo 9300, which makes the motor work harder. So, the Seaflo Solar Pump seems to be best at pumping a lot of water at low pressures and low voltage. But for a solar water pump, you need a pump that can handle more pressure without overheating.  -Thad Horner, Owner, High Lifter Pump Service
The Shurflo 9300 has a 3 degree Drive Cam. The steeper angle of cams in Seaflo Pumps makes the motor work harder than cams in the Shurflo 9300 motor.