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Shurflo 9300 Pump for Solar or Batteries - Drive Cam Diagnosis

Click here to view, print, or download Shurflo 9300 Solar Well Pump Drive Cam Diagnosis v2m.pdf

The Shurflo 9300 Solar Well Pump will generally give you about 5 years of service in your off grid water system before needing attention, depending on how hard you work it. On rare occasions, the Drive Cam will wear out and start slipping, causing a strange problem where the motor runs but the pump head doesn’t.

The Drive Cam goes on the motor axle. Check for wear on the outer surface. The ridges should not show wear. If they are smooth, the Drive Cam will slip against the Diaphragm Drive Bearing. Then the motor will run but the pump head will not.  Often this part gets stuck on the axle. To remove it, take the motor apart by removing the Brush End Bell and Motor Shell. This leaves the Armature, Front Bearing Assembly and Drive Cam. Put this in a vise that supports the Front Bearing Assembly. Put a bolt on the top of the axle and gently tap the axle out of the Drive Cam with a hammer. Never hammer directly on the axle as that can mushroom the axle making Drive Cam removal very difficult. This part is not available as a separate part from Shurflo, it is included with a new Motor and with Diaphragm/Drive Assemblies.

shurflo-9300-solar-water-pump-drive-cam.jpg dscn2159.jpg
This Drive Cam is in good shape. If the ridges of your Drive Cam are worn off, it can slip in the pump head and cause loss of power to the pump head. How to remove a stuck Drive Cam
 These images show parts from the Shurflo 9300 Solar Water Pump, but the information also applies to the Shurflo Garden and Pond Pump Models 2088 and 8000.