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Shurflo 9300 Solar Water Pump - Thad's Tip: How to Replace the 94-136-00 Cable Plug

gravatar-image-456-x-456.jpg Thad's Tip on Shurflo 9300 Solar Water Pump  Cable Plug 94-136-00 replacement: If water gets in the boot, it will eventually cause corrosion of the cable and/or the plug terminals. Use plenty of the included silicone grease on the rubber boots. This will make the cable much easier to slide in and will provide superior sealing against water. Also the cable should have a solid core and and oval cross section. "Romex" interior house wiring cable, often used by mistake for this application, has a hollow core that can allow water into the cable boot. High Lifter Pump Service sells the correct Submersible Pump Cable.The Shurflo 9300 Solar Water Pump Installation Instructions go into more detail on this and show pictures.