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Shurflo 9300 Submersible Well Pump - Diaphragm-Drive Assembly Inspection

Click here to view, print, or download Shurflo 9300 Solar Well Pump - Diaphragm/Drive Assembly Diagnosis v2m.pdf

The Shurflo 9300 Solar Submersible Pump will generally run for about five years in your off grid water system before needing attention, depending on how hard you work it. The Diaphragm is a crucial part. If it gets a crack in it, water will leak into the motor compartment, causing damage to the brushes and bearings. Some pump owners prefer to pull the pump out of the well every few years to have a look at it and fix problems before they cause damage.

Look for dust in the recesses of the Drive Assembly. That indicates heavy wear in the Drive Assembly, time to replace.


Also look for looseness in the feet that attach the Diaphragm to the Drive Assembly. Worn feet is what causes the dust.


Examine the bearing for excessive play or roughness.


Occasionally the Drive Cam will become worn and get loose in the bearing seat. Then the motor runs but the Drive Assembly doesn’t rotate so no pumping occurs.

Lift up the Diaphragm and look for cracks in the rubber. Cracks which extend through the rubber will cause water leaks into the motor compartment which will eventually damage the motor. shurflo-9300-solar-well-pump-diaphragm-inspection.jpg
The images show a Diaphragm/Drive Assembly for a Shurflo 9300 Solar Well Pump but this info also applies to the Shurflo Garden and Pond Pump Models 2088 and 8000.