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Solar Well Pump Selector

A typical solar powered water well pump system consists of:

  • A pump that can operate on the electricity supplied by solar panels. Typical "AC" or "grid-powered" submersible pumps only run on 120 or 240 VAC and will not run directly on the voltage supplied by solar panels. Smaller solar submersible pumps typically operate on either 12 or 24 DC volts, while larger pumps with deep well capabilities or higher output need up to 300 VDC. Solar powered submersible pumps are usually more efficient than AC submersible pumps, which reduces the number of solar panels needed.
  • Solar panels, also known as solar modules. Smaller pumps use two 12 volt 60 to 90 watt solar panels, connected in series to make 24 VDC. A larger solar powered water well pump system would use two to six 250 watt solar panels connected in series, generating up to 300 volts DC. Such voltage can be dangerous if procedures are not followed correctly when installing.
  • A popular but optional item is a Pump Controller. Many controllers provide current regulation that provides the best match between the solar panels and the pump. This type of controller is known as a Linear Current Booster, and it can benefit your solar powered water well pump system by increasing pump output up to 30%.
  • Another optional item is: a Float Switch, which connects to the pump controller, mounts in the tank being filled, and shuts off the pump when the tank is full.
  • Other optional items for your solar powered water well pump system are: Submersible Pump Cable, 18 ga twin conductor cable for your float switch, pipe of the correct diameter and type, a well cap, rope to suspend the pump, and possibly a rack to hold the solar panels.