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Thad's Tip: Linear Current Boosters for your Solar Water Pump

gravatar-image-456-x-456.jpg Thad's Tip: Linear Current Boosters (LCB's) can boost the output of your solar water pump by 30% or more. They act like a DC transformer that matches the output of your solar panels to the needs of your pump. They can help your pump get going earlier in the day and keep pumping later in the afternoon. Many LCB's have terminals for float switches as well, which will shut off the pump when the tank is full. Some LCB's also have terminals for well water level sensors. But Linear Current Boosters are useful for both solar well pumps such as the Shurflo 9300, and solar "surface" pumps such as the Dankoff Slowpump.

902-100 Economy Linear Current Booster for Shurflo 9300

902-200 Deluxe Linear Current Booster with Water Level Sensors for Shurflo 9300