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Thad's Tip: Solar Panels and Mounting Racks Which Must Ship by Truck Freight

sunshine-superman-altered-again-and-cropped-120x120.jpg Thad's Tip: What to Know About Truck Freight

Items which must be shipped by Truck Freight:

Most items on this website can be shipped by UPS, FedEx, or USPS. But some items, such as large solar panels, some large solar water pumps, and heavy items such as metal mounting racks to hold solar panels, must be shipped by Con-Way Truck Freight, because they exceed the size or weight limitations of the parcel carriers. Truck Freight orders are more complicated to order, and more complicated to ship, because of the additional size and bulk. Such items are shipped on a pallet and shrink wrapped and banded to secure it to the pallet. The pallet and item combined, are usually too heavy for one person to move. Such pallets are usually moved by a "pallet jack", or they are taken apart so the individual items can be moved.

Ordering items which must be shipped by Truck Freight:

Such items are set up so they can't be put into the online shopping cart. You can order them by calling High Lifter Pump Service directly at 707-923-2109.

Places where Truck Freight items can be delivered:

You may specify whether the solar panels, racks, or solar water pumps should be delivered to your residence, or a business with a loading dock. You can also specify that the order should be held at the nearest Con-Way Freight Terminal. If you specify Residential Delivery, there is a $75 additional charge, so you can save money by picking up at the terminal, or having it delivered to a business with a loading dock. If you choose that option, be sure to check with the business beforehand to make sure it is OK. Some businesses will charge a small fee to receive the shipment. For customers living off the grid, please be sure the delivery address can be accessed by large trucks.

How to track a Truck Freight shipment, and how to co-ordinate with Con-Way to arrange a delivery time:

When the order ships, Con-Way will generate a Pro Number, which is a tracking number. High Lifter Pump Service will email you that tracking number and the phone number and addresss of the nearest Con-Way Terminal, so you can monitor the progress of the shipment, co-ordinate with them, and be on site when the trucker delivers. You have to be there to sign for the shipment or they will not drop it off. You may also want to use Call Ahead Service. For an additional $40, the trucking company will give you a call the morning of the delivery. That's a lot of money for a phone call. However, you can save money and accomplish the same thing by calling the nearest Con-Way terminal and giving them your Pro Number.

What the trucker will do for you when he arrives, and what he won't do for you:

When the trucker arrives, he will unload the pallet onto your driveway. He is not required to take it indoors for you, though sometimes truckers will do that if you tip them. If you think you may have difficulties moving heavy items, be sure to have friends or family on hand to help you. The trucker is also required to wait for you while you inspect the shipment.

You must inspect the order immediately:

When you receive a Truck Freight item, whether it's at your home, a local business, or you are picking up at the terminal, you must inspect it for visible damage while the trucker is standing there. Con-Way will pay for any visible damage to the item but only if you sign the damage declaration before the trucker leaves. In the case of solar panels, you should cut the bands that hold the solar panels to the pallet, cut off the shrink wrap, and pull up each panel to inspect it for cracked glass or frame damage. For racks and solar water pumps, just inspect the exterior of the item. You can reject anything that does not meet your satisfaction and the trucker must take it away. You may reject the whole shipment if you like. But if you find a cracked panel later on, there is no way to collect damages. If a local business accepts the shipment while you are not there, you must instruct them to inspect the shipment. You may call High Lifter Pump Service if you need any advice in this situation.

The Receiving Inspection does not apply to the 25 year electrical warranty on the solar panels. Electrical output is not a visible part of the solar panel, so it's not a part of the Receiving Inspection.

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