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The Story of the High Lifter Water Pump

Many years ago, a woman bought a beautiful piece of land on top of a hill. The view was great –- but the only water available was in a spring far below her home site. She asked her neighbors for advice, but they were all using gasoline powered pumps, which were all that was available at that time for off grid living. She loved her land but was not looking forward to constantly having to hike downhill to fuel the pump. And she didn’t move to the country just to have to hear a noisy pump running. And she also didn’t want to have to worry about fire danger. She really just wanted a "green", eco friendly water pump. hl-with-hyd-lines-tilt-down-left-line-for-web-pages.jpeg

Her brother just happened to be a Physics Major at UC Berkeley, so she thought maybe he’d have some ideas. Well, he thought about the situation and put his physics knowledge to work. He realized that he needed a source of energy to run the pump which wasn’t fuel based, or even solar based, since the spring was in a deep forest. He knew that water, under pressure, had energy. If he could somehow use water pressure from the spring to run the pump motor.....

Then he flashed on the idea of the “Hydraulic Lever”, a basic principle of physics discovered by Blaise Pascal in 1652. He laid out a pipe going downhill from the spring, filled it with water from the spring, then measured the abundant pressure at the bottom of the pipe. Then he knew he had his water pump without electricity! The water pressure could be used to run pistons back and forth, acting as the pump’s motor. The pistons pump water uphill without power, so in essence, gravity pumps water.

Based on these discoveries, he built the first prototype of the High Lifter Water Pump, installed it, and it worked! His sister finally had water at her off the grid homestead, using a low tech pump that worked 24/7 with minimal maintenance and no fuel or electricity needed. Then, the preppers living nearby wanted a simple, easy to transport, easy to maintain pump for their bug out location, too. That’s when the High Lifter Water Pump went into production. Soon after, it became very popular in mountainous areas of Northern California. Now High Lifters are in use in many other parts of the world. These sustainable, green, eco-friendly pumps for off grid living are suitable wherever there are mountains and water.

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