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What to Check if the Outlet Tube Pops Out

insert-fitting-in-end-of-tube.jpg  insert-fitting-for-web-page.jpg
Make sure the small Insert Fitting is inserted into the end of the tube. Insert Fitting. This small part is easily lost when disassembling the Crossover Tube or Outlet Tube. Keep a few on hand if you need.
no-teflon-tape-here-dscn0630.jpg groove-in-tube.jpg
Use no teflon tape here. These are not sealing threads. Also do not use teflon tape on the tube itself. Very important: there must be a groove in the tube for the nut to catch on. If the groove is not deep enough, or has been damaged,  you can cut it deeper with a knife.
 outlet-tube-cutaway2.jpg  teflon-tape-is-ok-on-bottom-of-tee-fitting.jpg
The sealing surfaces of the nut catch onto the groove in the tube, which keeps the tube from pulling out. Tube showing Insert Fitting, Tube Groove, and Nut, ready to insert into the Tee Fitting.