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What to do if the High Lifter Water Pump Gets Stuck

Click here to view, print, or download What to do if the HL gets stuck v2.pdf


If the pump won’t reciprocate try pushing the buttons on either side of the Valve Body. If you can get the pump to run to one side or the other by pushing the buttons, then there may be a clog in one of the pilot holes in the valve body. They are small so any little bit of dirt can clog them. Usually the center one gets clogged. Do not take the Valve Body off the Barrel to clean these holes.
pilot-holes-in-barrel.jpg pilot-hole-view-1-finished.jpg pilot-hole-view-2-finished.jpg
Here’s what the pilot holes look like underneath the Valve Body. Do not remove the Valve Body, it is difficult to re-align once it has been removed. The Pilot Holes have small orange o-rings over them. Another view of a Pilot Hole.
Usually the center Pilot Hole gets clogged. You can see if one of these is clogged by disassembling the HL , upending it in a sink, and filling it with water. Turn the flow from the hose down to a trickle so it doesn’t overflow the barrel. You should see a stream of water ejecting from three locations inside the Valve Body. upended-hl-finished.jpg
center-hole-stream-finished.jpg top-stream-finished.jpg
You can unclog the Pilot Holes with a tool shaped as below. You can make this out of a piece of wire taped to a stick. Find the three Pilot Holes inside the Barrel and insert the tool into them to push out the dirt. Then flow more water into the Barrel and recheck.